They’ve Got A Bomb‘ is an occasion for showing our support to victims of massive and blind bombing on Gaza, and also against the
experimentation of new american weapons over disarmed populations. The
new nickname of the bomb is DIME.     

January 20th 2009 –  Simultaneous Concert to support Palestine. Fell free to Join, Listen, Mirror, make your own concert! Any profit (if any, and even if symbolic) is to be sent to Palestine.   
Radio Ubique will be playing from Amsterdam at 23 –>

The idea so far is to hold a simultaneous concert in several cities
around the world. We initially thought of linking ourselves through
the internet, but it would be too complicated, especially for us here
in Lebanon.
As it stands, we would like to propose a first date: january 20 (also
a nice date because this will be the day we will finally get rid of
Bush, the biggest criminal of the XXIst century). Flyers and
announcements will inculde all the events that will happen in the
various cities (at the same time). Ideally the music would be recorded
and put up on a website at a later date. Any profit (if any, and even
if symbolic) would be sent to Palestine.

I know the time is short especially for those of you living in the
modern world where everything has to be planned months in advance. But
if you are motivated by this project and are free on this date, and
you think you can find a venue (or any kind of place) who would agree
to this and understand the special circumstances and emergency of the
situation, then please let me know as fast as possible (yes I will be
coordinating this as you probably guessed by now).

Finally, you are of course welcome to do this with anyone you would
like or you feel should take part. Also, if you think of someone in
other cities who also should be part of this please get them into the

I hope we can do this and of course let’s wish that by the time we get
there this whole madness will be over.