Git me

Can you please… git me?

All this clever people think: git is just another tool for coders.
No way, this is a sign in the development of human thought.  This is revolution, but not many understood.
How many things can you just git? How many years have you been using silicium-back-ups? How many hours did you spend around a single, blessed ‘comma’? "Is this perfect Italian? Is this good English?" What do I mean exactly? What are symbols and signs implying? How many minutes, instants, seconds can be spent deciding: what error do I want to remember, erase, record? What should I delete, preserve, forget?

Git is an important achievement in literature, aha. 

(Linus Torvalds is laughing, in the background!)

And if all pills are only Pink

"*If all of them are right, and if all pills are only Pink, let’s try for
once not to be right. * People think they can explain rationally, by means
of thought, what they write. But it’s very relative. Thought is a fine
thing for philosophy, but it’s relative. Psychoanalysis is a dangerous
disease, it deadens man’s anti-real inclinations and systematises the
bourgeoisie. There is no ultimate Truth."

"Dialectics is an amusing machine that leads us (in banal fashion) to the
opinions which we would have held in any case. Do people really think
that, by the meticulous subtlety of logic, they have demonstrated the
truth and established the accuracy of their opinions? Even if logic were
confined by the senses it would still be an organic disease."

Tristan Tzara, 1918.


Software Release

Virtual Entity Alpha Minus Minus – CODENAME JAILBIRD – August 2009

___.. .’dXMMNk,..:OWNkclkKNWWWWWMMMN

Close Souls, Open Source

This is the second last day of the coding week, the prototype rush by Megabug and me, sponsored by the Design department of Jan van Eyck Academy
(many thanks!). The sun is shining and we would really love some
walking in the bush, since the whole landscape is white and silver, and
the snow has covered the country.

Haip: an open-source art festival

The idea of an open-source art festival emerged inside the multimedia center Kiberpipa, and the first biennial event was held on 2004. Thematic focus of the HAIP Festival 2008, Hacktopia tries to question the results of the actual practice of opensource-technology-supported creative media art and the dimensions of the freedom of expression inside it.The core question is: hacktopia at the continuum of utopia and dystopia.

Where is the freedom of artistic expression in open source media?
How can we hack the paradigms of society?

About sex and machines

Writing on a blog is a technique to anchor ourselves to something imaginary like a net page. When i feel completely lost, i try to grasp the immaterial spiting myself in the direction of the wind. What will come back to me, and whether it will, who knows.

Maxwell’s demon

 … if we conceive of a being whose faculties are so sharpened that he
can follow every molecule in its course, such a being, whose attributes
are as essentially finite as our own, would be able to do what is
impossible to us.

If machines were the last humans

Some human behavior is unintelligent.

Code Dreams

How does code dream? What are the dreams of code?

Is your code really open?