On noise

Kant has written a treatise on _The Vital Powers_; but I should like to
write a dirge on them, since their lavish use in the form of knocking,
hammering, and tumbling things about has made the whole of my life a
daily torment. Certainly there are people, nay, very many, who will
smile at this, because they are not sensitive to noise; it is precisely
these people, however, who are not sensitive to argument, thought,
poetry or art, in short, to any kind of intellectual impression: a fact
to be assigned to the coarse quality and strong texture of their brain

Bots, bots, bots

(nothing else than bots)

They’ve got a bomb!

They’ve Got A Bomb‘ is an occasion for showing our support to victims of massive and blind bombing on Gaza, and also against the
experimentation of new american weapons over disarmed populations. The
new nickname of the bomb is DIME.     

Radio Copy Down

It is raining since 2 weeks.

Tonite i am streaming: if you are in Rome, just tune on  87.9 FM.

If you are anywhere else, get the stream from Radio Onda Rossa here, the source of my stream is here !

This is radioubique and RadioCopyDOWN

Music was not enough! 

Conversation with Annalist during CCC: about fear and terror, surveillance and control…

I met Anne Roth in Berlin at the hacker congress… I was very interested in listening to her talk and i was going to ask her for an interview to be published on the online magazine Digicult. The idea is to explain to an italian public what her story is about.

I knew Anne only remotely, from irc and some mailing lists, and i expected to find a very kind and calm person… Her experience can be seen as a paradigm of Orwellian current state. Going public is a possible remedy to fear, because "fear only works if you are alone…".

We recorded the interview thanks to CCC’s radio equipment.

I am publishing here the audio file containing fragments of our conversation, ogg and mp3 available ;p

My article will appear on DigiMag at the beginning of February in Italian, and it will be translated to English at the end of the month.

Feel free to spread, re-broadcast and remix this audio file.

Use it in your radio program :)

Electronic Music Session


Tonight i am streaming some generative electronic music at 22 for Radio Onda Rossa!

xname's desk.

I have a 2 tracks mixer and 1 computer. I will do some pure data generated sounds and manipulation, plus layering of tracks and noises.


xname's desk.


The first is my url, the second is the mix from ROR.
You can play these using videolan.
Ah, if you are sitting around the centre of Italy, try  87.9 FM 
Personal thanks to Tizzja, ‘Il Complesso di Electra’ and Odissea. 

So delete it if u are annoyed.

Must be my haircut, but a friend, last night, was listening to the stream. He recorded it closed to the beginning, and ‘pushed’ it in my website :D  Ehm… these hackers!
This is the stream from ondarossa, recorded in Amsterdam, mixed by Tizzja :*

Radio Ubique. Leiden, 30 January 2007.

I was connected from Leiden on a wireless network. You can hear the low compression of my stream, the total plastic mixer whose contacts went crazy, and my friend in Rome losing the connection. Sorry about that. Internet to come. Fell free to gift me a mixer, if you have a spare one ;p

Spaghetti and Sex or Onda Rossa

I wish i could have food and love, but no, nothing at all…

So i have to spend another night streaming, the mixer is a 5 euro technology, so, please, be patient!

Here is my url, you can try it any time, i like improvising in obscured moments:

(use videolan!)

This stream goes to Radio Onda Rossa – Complesso di Electra:

Rome – 87.9 FM 

Everywhere –  http://stream.indivia.net:8000/ondarossa 

I dedicate this to ‘La Cueva – Noart Gallery’, and all the squatted buildings in Milan, who got the water cut off by… God?? Or who, what did that, who can do such a thing?

Enjoy radioubique :*  


fragments of noise

Yesterday stream was a real mess, due to some problems in radio onda rossa with opening the .ogg stream file :(

The first time is always the more difficult, we all know.  So i could not play as happily, troubled in communication issues.

My set was what you can see in the picture in previous post: i was using a ‘Gemini Special Edition’ mixer (thanks to my friend Slicer for borrowing it), and 3 channels: one was a mic, that was capturing an analogue progressive tape played by an old cassette player. The second channel was pure data (pd plus pidip), i played a patch i made lately, called NOISEZ. The 3rd channel was coming out from the same laptop, from a different audio card, and that was a mix of viodeolan and other audio players. The output of the mixer was entering again in the same laptop (i have got one), and the audio-in device was streamed out on r23 icecast server.

I  used live generated sounds, some loops i made, some loops form Slicer, some of my favorite tracks, the sound of my father knocking the door, ubik barking. All mixed in my delirious style.

When the stream was finally opened, Tizzja was remixing and re-broadcasting on air in Rome. A couple of people phoned the radio to congratulate :D

Offcourse, we’ll do that again …

I manage to record only the first part, when i was about to play.

Here it is:


(the bells you hear are from my obsession track of last autumn: Senorita Tristeza … i remixed it so many times, in any way. I cannot listen to music just as it is)

Hyama was trying to record all my stream, but videolan fucked it up: we got only the very final beats, when i was already kind of entertaining a friend coming to visit.

Would you like to listen? really??


if someone is very very interested in checking my pd patch, ask me with a comment, i am to shy to upload it now, it is so bizarre and cabalistic …

In few words it is a combination of 9 main noises, and 3 sample players. 7 noises are completely generated by numbers (here is the cabala), no samples, no tracks (pure tricks). 2 are are done with the cooled object, unauthorized pure data (a big hug to yves!)

xname vs “Il Complesso di Elettra”

Tuesday 9th January 2006

18:30 – 19:30 "Il Complesso di Elettra

Radio Onda Rossa 

Rome – 87.9 FM 

Everywhere –  http://stream.indivia.net:8000/ondarossa  

xname’s puredata liveset from Milan is here:

Milano, set up for Milano, setup for


play it with videolan!