man up

There is something particularly fascinating in certain female art, something that captures imagination and touches the senses in a peculiar manner. However, whereas on the one hand the number of women in the art world (and everywhere else) seems to be increasing, on the other hand, sadly, a lack of identity is still undermining their potential from within. Overall, two main categories seem to appear at the horizon, that of women who made it in a professional – yet male dominated – environment, and are happy to show solidarity and facilitate access to other akin spirits, and those who fundamentally hate every other woman but themselves, and manipulate with arrogance their minority, using it as a definitely not inclusive privilege.

Yet why are so many women behaving as chauvinist pigs?


The seed of this plague seems to be deeply eradicated, and the time for a collective reflection becomes evermore desirable.

Woman up, competition is no fun.

Cellular Automata

It was the city of London. Reality was just a projection, the representation of an underlaying regular grid of cells.

What will happen if, and when, one of these cells would gain consciusness of its own status as a being?

Noise music was the key to decrypt this mystery. 

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And the clever animals had to die

In a remote corner of the universe flickering with countless solar systems, there was once a star where clever animals invented knowledge. It was the proudest and most deceitful moment in world history; but it was only a moment. After Nature had taken a few breaths, the star froze, and the clever animals had to die.

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche: 1873.

Thou shalt not eat of the fruit

The fact is that consciousness is by nature the locus of an illusion. Its nature is such that it registers effects, but it knows nothing about the causes. The order of causes is defined by this: each body in extension, each idea or each mind in thought are constituted by the characteristic relations that subsume the parts of that body, the parts of that idea.

When a body ‘encounters’ another body, or an idea another idea, it happens that the two relations sometimes combine to form a more powerful whole, and sometimes one decomposes the other, destroying the cohesion of its parts.

Language glitch

I am speaking English… All of a sudden I have the impression I am speaking Italian, it feels as natural and familiar. I question myself. I keep speaking, I have the impression i am talking a language I do not know, but it still makes sense. I am talking to someone, I think I am speaking English, but in fact I am speaking Italian. I think I am thinking in Italian, but in fact I am thinking in English. I talk on the phone, I want to speak Italian but I cannot, I speak Eglish and my mum understands. I am in Italy, I enter a sigarettes shop. I ask for a tram ticket, and make a joke about the weather. I though I was speaking Italian, but no one understood, in fact I was speaking English. I try again, I get the tram ticket. I walk away, I think I am an idiot. It’s just a Glitch, another glitch!

Entoptic phenomena

Under suitable conditions light falling on the
eye may render visible certain objects within the eye itself. These
perceptions are called entoptical.

Entoptic images differ from optical illusions because, whereas
illusion is a phenomenon happening in the brain, entoptic phenomena
take place within the observer’s own eye. In this sense, the observer
cannot share this experience with others, because in fact the image is
caged within his eyes.

What does it mean to own an image?
And a non-image?

Maxwell’s demon

 … if we conceive of a being whose faculties are so sharpened that he
can follow every molecule in its course, such a being, whose attributes
are as essentially finite as our own, would be able to do what is
impossible to us.

If machines were the last humans

Some human behavior is unintelligent.

Journeys into the Bright World