The entire structure of the Virtual Entity project, and the entire
structure of the digital world, and the whole system of oppositions,
and the fancy PhD?-bubble, the entire whole world seems to be talking about a (fantastic) dualistic composition, that of this and that,
as in Practice and Theory, or Software and Philosophy, or Content and
Form, Junction and Dis-junction, including the semiotic attempt to
learn from the process of connecting the act of making sense in itself
to the symbol as a pre-determined array of strata -out of humanity.
Following this ancestral structure, that of the zeros and ones which we
nowadays find incredibly fulfilling – as if confusing an alphabet with
the spell – this research on virtual life and immaterial consciousness,
this quest on digital filaments and the naturality of manufactures, all
that, which I named Virtual Entity, was nailed and confined to a narrow
vision, that of a software developing itself silently, and
compulsively, while a totally separated theory talks, phantasmatically
walking on another sphere. Yet it was never the case: the development
was in fact a continuous dialog between the two sides, a rhythmic
triggering of doubts, questions and answers transduced from one vertex
to the other. So how to declare definitely obsolete any distinction,
entangling these two dimensions in such a way that, not differently
from the Cartesian representation of x and y on a planar schema, this theoretical software can unfold its entire, 3dimensional constitution?
How do we wander through the marvellous garden of executable logic, if not singing a requiem* for human culture?

(Please read carefully the upcoming releases…)

  • requiem: musical service, hymn, or dirge for the repose of the soul of the dead.


-written in Athens-