Sheffield seems like the perfect place for Noise_Objects insertions: its red bricks and the industrial look-a-like call for interventions.

These objects, in fact, are also a reflection about technology and industrialisation: before that, pollution and garbage almost did not exist, whereas today their presence is massive and invasive.

Writer Philip Dick named it Kipple, and the idea that one day all this amount of (personal, technical, affective, abandoned) material will get back to life – and make a takeover – might be a sort of collective hallucination or a recurring nightmare of some sensitive grandchild, still the doubt whether this is happening is floating over the global world.

There are two types of interactions in Noise_Objects, one is activated by solar panels, the other is powered by the human brain.
The first one uses the well known phenomenon of electricity, the second implements that of illusion. Both these phenomena are very common, widely used over the last two centuries, and also mysterious.

The first type of interaction is allusive: it triggers imaginations, and questions…
What is this object doing here?

What happens moving that mouse sitting at the corner of that brick wall?
Will the entire building rotate, or zoom?
Can I drag something?

There is a network slot coming out of that wall, does that mean the whole car park is online?
Is it distributing dhcp?
Anyone has a network cable?

Or… That dead tree has jack-in and jack-out ports, must be an audio card!
Most likely, it is possible to listen to the sound of the dead tree, but probably you can also import sound from your ipod…

Well, somebody is calling, who’s speaking?

The second type of interaction happens according to meteorological events, pragmatic issues, and the laws of electronics…
In other words, it’s just because some electrons keep running around, and matter is not as solid as it may seem, if you look at it at an atomic level.

Thus things happen when there is enough flow in the circuit.

The juxtaposition of these two levels of interactions may generate semantic clash: please read carefully the included instructions, do not administer noise_objects in conjunction with psychedelics and other psychotropic substances: reality may augment indefinitely.

DISCLAIMER These objects are distributed in the hope that they will be useful,

The author is not responsible of any hallucinations the Objects may generate.
If you loose contact with reality, please call an immortal.

(use the old land-line telephones distributed around the city)