Yesterday stream was a real mess, due to some problems in radio onda rossa with opening the .ogg stream file :(

The first time is always the more difficult, we all know.  So i could not play as happily, troubled in communication issues.

My set was what you can see in the picture in previous post: i was using a ‘Gemini Special Edition’ mixer (thanks to my friend Slicer for borrowing it), and 3 channels: one was a mic, that was capturing an analogue progressive tape played by an old cassette player. The second channel was pure data (pd plus pidip), i played a patch i made lately, called NOISEZ. The 3rd channel was coming out from the same laptop, from a different audio card, and that was a mix of viodeolan and other audio players. The output of the mixer was entering again in the same laptop (i have got one), and the audio-in device was streamed out on r23 icecast server.

I  used live generated sounds, some loops i made, some loops form Slicer, some of my favorite tracks, the sound of my father knocking the door, ubik barking. All mixed in my delirious style.

When the stream was finally opened, Tizzja was remixing and re-broadcasting on air in Rome. A couple of people phoned the radio to congratulate :D

Offcourse, we’ll do that again …

I manage to record only the first part, when i was about to play.

Here it is:

(the bells you hear are from my obsession track of last autumn: Senorita Tristeza … i remixed it so many times, in any way. I cannot listen to music just as it is)

Hyama was trying to record all my stream, but videolan fucked it up: we got only the very final beats, when i was already kind of entertaining a friend coming to visit.

Would you like to listen? really??

if someone is very very interested in checking my pd patch, ask me with a comment, i am to shy to upload it now, it is so bizarre and cabalistic …

In few words it is a combination of 9 main noises, and 3 sample players. 7 noises are completely generated by numbers (here is the cabala), no samples, no tracks (pure tricks). 2 are are done with the cooled object, unauthorized pure data (a big hug to yves!)