I met Anne Roth in Berlin at the hacker congress… I was very interested in listening to her talk and i was going to ask her for an interview to be published on the online magazine Digicult. The idea is to explain to an italian public what her story is about.

I knew Anne only remotely, from irc and some mailing lists, and i expected to find a very kind and calm person… Her experience can be seen as a paradigm of Orwellian current state. Going public is a possible remedy to fear, because "fear only works if you are alone…".

We recorded the interview thanks to CCC’s radio equipment.

I am publishing here the audio file containing fragments of our conversation, ogg and mp3 available ;p

My article will appear on DigiMag at the beginning of February in Italian, and it will be translated to English at the end of the month.

Feel free to spread, re-broadcast and remix this audio file.

Use it in your radio program :)